Innie Huh

Director, Studio Manager, Korean-speaker, Babysitter, Illustrator Extraordinaire

I am inspired by farmers markets.

My onscreen husband would be Han Lue from the Fast and the Furious.

My favourite font is Avenir.

My favourite food is energy salad.

Favourite place to eat is Crave.

Favourite coffee is Allpress Latte.

My dream holiday is shopping and cafeing (yes, this is not a proper word but you can guess what I mean) with my hubby either in New York or Melbourne with no financial restrictions.

My dream client is someone who gives me something to think about.

I am reading Elements to Good Design.

The theme song for my life is You Raise Me Up.

I haven’t laughed so hard since My hubby's last hilarious joke that only I can understand.

Ten years ago I... thought I was all grown up and the world had nothing more to teach me.

My dream alternative career is writer + illustrator.

When I retire I am travelling around Europe.

The thing/s I am most proud of is doing what I love.

I am the most likely Husky to collect a week's coffee/tea cups on the desk.