Mel Skinner

Office Manager, Streamliner, Finger in all the pies-er

I am inspired by all things visually beautiful, sunsets being top of the list!

My onscreen husband would be Matthew Le Nevez

My favourite font is whatever Lou tells me is the coolest!

My favourite food is roast lamb shanks followed by chocolate

Favourite place to eat is Wagamama's

Favourite coffee is not fussed, more of a tea gal

My dream holiday is Italy.

My dream client is someone polite, funny and knows exactly what they want.

I am reading Divergent trilogy.

The theme song for my life is Don't Worry Be Happy

I haven’t laughed so hard since my youngest daughter (4 yrs old) demonstrates how she can sing in Spanish …. no idea what she was actually singing!

Ten years ago I... had just returned from 3 years in London, ready to have my first baby

My dream alternative career is personal shopper/stylist

When I retire I am travelling around Europe.