Phil Botha

Web Tech Genius, Multitalented Designer-er & Sugar-free Veteran

I am inspired by wishful thinking…

My onscreen wife would be offscreen??

My favourite font is one used correctly in the right context.

My favourite food is probably something from Nanam Republic.

Favourite place to eat is the beach...

Favourite coffee is Flight or Atomic.

My dream holiday is at something intrepid that includes history and art (just covering all the bases).

My dream client is one that likes to innovate, take risks and try new things.

I am reading Huia Come Home by J. Ruka and Abba’s Child by Brennan Manning.

The theme song for my life is The Secret Place, Phil Wickham.

Ten years ago I... was 24.

My dream alternative career is something in the line of worship music.

When I retire I want to play double bass in a jazz band..

The thing/s I am most proud of is my relationship with Jesus..

I am the most likely Husky to be standing up.