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June 2024

Browne St.


We decided to kick off our Matariki celebrations today with a cheeky impromptu lunch at Browne St. Cafe in Avondale. This is not our first trip to Browne St, we knew that this place promised good vibes and tasty treats and is conveniently situated a zappy 5-minute drive from our studio. Winning already!

There was no messing around today, we were straight into ordering drinks and perusing the menu. Food is one of our Husk languages and Matariki gave us the chance to remember why we do Husk lunches. Food, friendship, and fun. Joining these 3 things together is such an awesome way to build our team and, of course, have fun doing it!  

We chose well today – their cauliflower nuggets with tangy beets were fab. Who knew cauliflower could be this fancy? The nuggets were crispy on the outside and surprisingly tender on the inside, while the beets added a zing that made our taste buds sit up and take notice. The duck confit salad was really good, only addition would be a little more duck in amongst all those fabulous greens, the fried chicken tacos were good too but maybe needed more kick. 

The vibe at Browne St. Cafe was chillaxed, with friendly staff peeps making sure our Matariki lunch was on point. It was the perfect spot to kick back, enjoy some laughs and good conversation, and pretend we’re cool food critics for the day 😉

Total spend – 2 people – $145.35

Louise had the duck confit salad with some chips. She said, “Decided on a whim to sneak a Husky lunch before the long weekend break for Matariki – Browne St is always a good idea as it has cheery service and pretty consistent quality, while also close to Mt Albert. Duck salad was quite tasty but unfortunately a bit too heavy on the dressing and a bit too light on the duck. Otherwise delicious.”

Mel had the cauliflower nuggets and some chips and drank a green smoothie. She said, “This place is fab! The staff are super friendly and attentive, lots of atmosphere – a little noisy at times but everything else was a good time. My cauliflower nuggets were really good, slightly crunchy and had lots of flavour, the beetroot was quite tangy but I like that as a contrast. Probably over ordered, that green smoothie was more filling than I thought!”

Sam had the cauliflower nuggets and an apple juice. He said, “There were parts of my lunch I enjoyed, but had order envy – should have got the confit duck salad. Next time.”

Sarah had the fried chicken taco and drank peppermint tea. She said, “Always a good spot, especially on a sunny day. My fried chicken taco was nice but lacking flavour. The service was next level friendly though, so big ticks in that department!”




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