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April 2015



Situated between Freemans Bay and Grey Lynn, this two-story pub has been constantly abuzz whenever we have walked past. Upon entering the cool concrete building, you can select from their multiple seating spaces to find one suited to your liking: a sun-drenched porch for people watching, a quiet corner lined with string lights and set against a cosy wall of vines, a table set in the hustle and bustle of the Ponsonby pavement highway or perhaps in a strategic spot next to the bar and TV screens? We particularly loved their exposed brick interiors, grabby branding and greenery-spammage. You can expect a typical selection of bar food on the menu: antipasto platters, pizzas for africa, fried fare and open sandwiches — with of course, a wide selection of alcoholic drinks. What made our jaws drop, though, was the $4 tag on the rush-hour pizzas — served between 12-2pm and 5-7:30pm – with flavours like lamb & mint or chicken & cranberry brie, did we just die and go to cheap food heaven? Probably.

Louise had the lamb & mint pizza and a coke. She said ‘Loved the branding, the vibe and the fact that you can actually get a pizza for $4. Didn’t particularly love the non-forthcoming waitress. Good cheap eatery for locals but nothing to write home about.’

Innie had the cajun chicken wrap with vietnamese salad and a lemon, lime bitter. She said ‘Frankly, I am not a fan of bar food but this one was actually alright! – wouldn’t mind going back with bunch a of people for a casual drink!’

Katie had the mexicano pizza with corn chips, beef & beans, mozzarella, sour cream & jalapeños. She said ‘Waitress sounded like she didn’t want to be there! however, I love their music! #trashypoprockforthewin #judgeme.’

Mel had the chicken sandwich and a pineapple juice. She said ‘Casual vibe, would be a fab place to go for a drink and light meal on a Friday night! Liked the music.’

Joe had the chicken sandwich and a lemon, lime bitters. He said ‘Essentially just a bar menu.’

Annie had the fettuccine pasta and mediterranean pizza and a cranberry juice. She said ‘The flavours were nice in the Fettuccine, though it was drowning in oil. The waitress was not very helpful.’




Overall experience