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July 2018



A lively place, with fun cheery staff, great art, and beautifully tasty food. Our visit was made on the day of the week that was most guaranteed to make us fall in love with the place.. ‘Friday’ that is… A very excellent selection of healthy and satisfying meal options as well as a fantastic range of cabinetry delights, including salads, scrumptious quiches and stuffed capsicums. As you’d might expect with attractive qualities like these, this place gets mighty busy, meaning carparks are scarce and meal or even coffee wait times can take a little longer, however for a classic café style lunch, we’d have to say this is one of our faves.

We were joined by the lovely Cara Simpson and she had the Chicken Panini Sandwich. She said it was “Super packed!”, and rightfully so due to its popularity. See you there this Friday.

Louise had a Creamy Mushrooms on Toast. She said “My dish had more broccoli than mushrooms which was a surprise, parking and seating tricky but great vibe and food. Love the name the most.”

Mel had the Freshvacado and a Kombucha. She said “Loved their play on the popular meme ‘Fre sh vaca do’, just had to try this and was not disappointed… best avocado on toast combination I’ve had all year! The cafe itself was very busy and resulted in it being quite noisy so not the best for shared conversation, but the food was awesome. So on this alone I would go back to partake in more yummo treats.”

Bri had the Avo Toast. She said “This particular avocado on toast was delicious. The addition of chilli peppers was unique – the taste stays with you long after you’ve finished it.”

Jeffrey had the Salmon Benedict. He said “Food was nice, too noisy for me.”

Phil had a Creamy Mushrooms on Toast. He said “The food was yum and enjoyed the atmosphere but pretty noisy room acoustics. Found it hard to talk with the others in our team.”




Overall experience