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September 2018



Our waitress explained that the cafe name ‘Josy’ was a combination of the owners’ names, Johnny + his daughter Daisy makes Josy. Super sweet! We were relieved to find that this wasn’t a place that required wrestling for seats or yelling over each other to be heard. Mind you it was no ghost-town either – the surrounding 5-6 tables had their inhabitants but the sound absorption in Josy just seemed to be better than a lot of its café contemporaries. The menu boasted a rich variety of brunch items with splashes of Vietnamese flavours – the pho (pronounced “fuh”) according to Phil was the bomb.com. Spoilt for culinary choice, we resolved on the spot that we would be back again to try out their interesting range of dishes. Great flavours and plating too. Watch out Josy – we’ll be blazing a trail to make your space a crammed and noisy place in no time.

As it was the school hollies we were joined by Mel’s lovely Chelsea , who had the Kids Beef Burger with Chips and drank a Coke. She said “The burger was a little greasy but the chips were awesome. Loved it :).”

Louise had the Duck Curry with twice-cooked duck, pineapple, vegetables, ginger & shallots with crispy curry leaves; and drank a Flat White. She said “Have always loved the spacious interior of this building. Excellent food, service time had a decent lag but most meals served at once. Beautifully plated. We are going back fo’ sho.”

Katie had the Braised Beef Rib with sautéed veges, salad, nam him with a chilli & ginger sauce and drank a Lychee Smoothie. She said “That beef rib is no joke, I expected a humble little cube so ordered a smoothie just in case, but MAN was it substantial. Loved the south-east Asian flavours in it. I recommend sharing this with a friend with sides of rice to soak up the sauce. Smoothie also good, refreshing and light, not super sweet. Would come again to try the ham hock eggs benedict… drool.”

Mel had the Vietnamese Chicken Pho with kaffir lime and drank a freshly squeezes beetroot, apple and ginger juice. She said “Really great cafe, excellent Vietnamese flavours in the Pho, not too noisy, lots of space, and plenty of options on the menu to entice me back!”

Bri had the Almond-Crusted French Toast with crème anglaise, walnut praline & icecream and drank a Soy Piccolo. She said “The food was nice, albeit a bit too sweet. Nice relaxed atmosphere with plenty of space.”

Jeffrey also had the Duck Curry with twice-cooked duck, pineapple, vegetables, ginger & shallots with crispy curry leaves, he said “Very generous portion of food.”

Phil had a Vietnamese Chicken Pho with kaffir lime and drank a Lychee Smoothie. He said “Super amazing tasty food, nice presentation, relaxing place for lunch.”




Overall experience