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December 2018



It was that time of year – Husk, the 2018 Christmas Edition rolled around again with our always endearing “Favourite Things” tradition. More on that later. We sipped cocktails out of petite stainless steel straws, possibly the most aesthetically-pleasing thing we’ve ever seen while waiting for our orders to arrive.

We loved the scalloped tiles at the bar and the large, handcrafted glass bulbs that droop and sparkle from the ceiling, these and the oversized cushions at the teal couches give the space an opulent but personable feel. The sharing plates had a Mediterranean slant to them, we especially loved the Wild Mushrooms, packed with umami and the savouriness offset by the rice crepe blanketed over the top. We shared a whole whack of everything and loved the lot, thanks Odettes!

Here’s what we ordered:
Wood-fired Lamb Rack with mint, coconut & kasundi
Roast Chicken with labneh, harrisa & pomegranate
Wood-fired Market Fish with pickled onion, puffed soba & dill
Beetroot Hummus with spiced cashews & flat bread
Pumpkin Fritter with whipped feta & dukkah
Wild Mushrooms with rice crepe, soy butter & basil
Burrata with fermented tomato, fig, honey & rosemary
Heirloom Tomato with buffalo milk burrata, Israeli cous cous, saffron & rose vinaigrette
Asparagus with black bean & sesame
Garden Greens with chardonnay vinegar
House Chips with berbere, honey mustard and curry leaves

And here’s our huskys’ favourite things:
Lou: Miann Salted Caramel Sauce
Mel: Ceramic Christmas Ornaments and a Sugar Body Scrub
Sabrina: Indoor Plants (Kings Plant Barn Voucher!)
Cara: Adventures! (The adventure pack contains sunscreen, insect repellent, a battery pack and a list of Cara-approved places to visit. We’re keen to visit Doughnut Island)
Phil: Collectable Kidrobot Figurines (inside a handmade Christmas cracker)
Katie: Stainless Steel Straws for Smoothies

Louise had a bit of everything and drank an Espresso Martini. She said “Always enjoy Odettes, great food, beautiful plating. Fun to hang and wrap up the year with my incredible huskies, though the waitress didn’t seem like she was having as much fun as us. Ah well.”

Katie also had a bit of everything and drank a Bulldog Martini. She said “I could stare at those blobby lights all day. These peeps are like the Amano an Ampersand people — brings out the essence of the ingredient nd makes it tastes so good. No bells and whistles. So good.”

Mel nommed a bit of everything and drank the Lemon Truffle Cocktail. She said “A superb choice for our Christmas lunch, great flavours, plenty of atmosphere, a fun time had by all!”

Bri had a bit of everything and drank the Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin. She said “Amazing range of vegetarian bites, sides and sharing plates which is a nice change. Love trying many items and experiencing the clean subtle flavours of each. Chips are heavenly. Great selection of cocktails and gins.”

Jeffrey said “Had a bit of everything, they were all nice.”

Phil also munched on all the things and drank a Bulldog Gin. He said “Was a really great place, food and service was outstanding. The atmosphere was nice but very open plan and felt busy.”




Overall experience