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May 2024



This is not our first rodeo with Ozone, this place always draws us in with high expectations of a satisfying experience, and that is just what we got! Today’s visit was obviously to sample more of their delicious food, but also an excuse to say ‘hi’ to our newly wedded into the Husk family, Alex, who works as one of the talented baristas. (Our designer Sarah and Alex just tied the knot last month, love love, love!)

Walking into Ozone you’re greeted with an inviting blend of rustic charm and contemporary chic. The spacious interior is adorned with warm wood accents and industrial touches, creating a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere. The service here is top notch, there were plentiful smiles from the very helpful and attentive staff, we also had the added personal touch from our friendly barista checking in on us throughout the visit.

The food here is quite special, not at all your stock standard cafe menu, these guys offer a range of really interesting food choices which are rich in flavour and beautifully presented. The drink options are plentiful, they really do cater for just about everything you might want, hot, cold, healthy, fancy, alcoholic or just a darn good coffee made with some epic bean choices and brewing.

Total spend – 4 people – $150.73

Louise had the fish kedgree and drank a peppermint hot chocolate. She said, “Ozone is always top-notch and today was no exception. Only minor suggestion I had was to not have hard crunchy garnish on the kedgeree which kept making me think I had encountered a fish bone. Absolutely delicious, perfectly seasoned and tangy, beautifully plated though. And your barista is a fine human.”

Mel had the braised beef ravioli and drank a raw energy drink. She said, “Love this place, super cool vibes, open and stylish with plenty of seating options depending on what you are looking for. There is always a hive of activity going on with the kitchen being in the centre, the food here is super flavourful and all plated beautifully. I thought at the start of my meal that my dish might not be filling enough, but I was thankfully very wrong. I went away a happy and very full customer!  Really cool that Sarah’s husband works there too, the best barista in town! Not at all biassed lol, he really is the best, go try the coffee people and ask for Alex :)”

Sam had the salmon eggs bene and drank a flat white. He said, “Neat spot, nice new building and super comfortable. Really open, good food and coffee. Close to home for me so if I’m in the area I’ll stop in forsure.”

Sarah had the cavetelli pasta and drank a lemon, honey and ginger soda. She said, “I love Ozone! (I am a bit biased though as my Husband is a barista there haha). Always super yummy food and their new lunch menu did not disappoint, lots of yummy things to choose from. Great cookies from the cabinet we took home too. Great vibes, super friendly service and bonus they allow dogs if you are into that.”




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