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April 2018



We don’t know about you, but as the weather starts getting chillier in Autumn, we yearn for a cosy spot to settle down with a plate of steaming hot curry #comfortfood. We don’t know about you, but a few of our Indian friends have said that Paradise serves some of the most authentic Indian curries. And… we don’t know about you, but after drooling over the sizeable menu featuring five types of naan, biryani, masala and korma, each your own customisable spicy levels….we couldn’t not eat our way into a food coma. But what we DO know about you, is that you. Need to go to Paradise. Now.

Katie had the Fish Capsicum Masala with cooked capsicum blended with hand ground spices. She said “Such comforting cold-weather food! Super flavourful and the naan is so soft, must come back here to try more.”

Mel had the Paradise Special Chicken Masala with green pepper, cooked in cashew and Saffron sauce, garnished with an egg. She said “Authentic Indian food, full of flavour, you never leave a place like this still feeling hungry!!”

Bri had a custom made Spinach and Potato Curry. She said “Great value curries with lots of flavour. Unfortunately the service once our dishes arrived was quite rushed and careless which was a surprise.”

Jeffrey had the Pasinday Boneless Lamb cooked with lucknoui pasinda gravy. He and his kids also had the Butter Chicken with is oven grilled chicken cooked in cream and butter. He said “it will be good if they do the Buffet at lunch.”

Phil had the Lamb Saag Paneer with a perfect combination of spinach and cottage cheese. He said “I have been a huge fan of Paradise for a while, however this time I chose mild for spice level and was a little disappointed with the flavour not being up to their normally very high standard. Extremely impressed with how they give back to the local community giving free meals to those who are homeless or can’t afford a meal!”




Overall experience