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May 2013



Sometimes you just want to tuck into a hearty breakfast in the middle of the day, and for this chilly May arvo, this was one of those days.

According to their website, our nation was affectionately dubbed the Shaky Isles by the ‘Strayans due to our affinity with the odd quake or two. Indeed, you can see the kiwi brand takes pride in our quirky, piss-taking culture. They have slogans like “people will like the post-latte you a lot more” and “drink coffee, straddle large mammal”; splashed across their exposed brick and plaster with idiosyncratic illustrations – their design style we likey .

We love how their food is presented on wooden boards and as for their legendary mocchacinos with a Whittakers santé bar that melts snugly in our cups? It’s to die for.

Louise had the Shaky Burge with homemade angus beef pattie, bacon, emmental cheese, salad on viabatta and a Whittakers Mochaccino. She said ‘I love Shaky Isles (mainly because the mochas are to die for, the lightbulbs are sexy, the chopping board plates are cool and I think the chef, Steve King, is cute). However, today I had to ask the waiter to come and take our orders, he dawdled his way over and then switched my order for a Chicken Burger to a Beef burger. Hmmm. Lucky for him, everything was delish – all is forgiven.’

Innie had the Eggs Bene with organic poached eggs, wilted silverbeet and hollandaise on brioche and a Whittakers Mochaccino. She said ‘Seriously…I can have ten cups of mocha here!’

Katie had the Isles Have It All with organic eggs, bacon, free-range pork & fennel sausage, vine ripened tomato and wilted silverbeet on Danish rye. She said ‘ A very breakfast-y menu! Drooling over Innie and Lou’s mochas, but very satisfied with the large lunch. Bacon was as always, amazing. Love the handdrawn type on the chalkboards!’




Overall experience