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July 2017



When we first heard of the name, everyone did a mental-doubletake by its ingeniousness. As we walked into the bustling viaduct eatery, we were greeted with an impressive plethora of Chinese kitsch (paper lanterns and ornate wallpaper galore). The most interesting is perhaps the fun toilet-destiny directory, which directs curious (and probably inebriated) customers to cubicles of different “themes”… Feeling festive? There’s one with fireworks displays plastered all over the walls. Wanting to go into battle? There’s a karate dojo waiting for you. We’re not trying to steal your appetite we promise, because the cocktails and fish curry were actually a-ma-zing. Come with a group of good-humoured friends and you’ll be in for a good time.

What we ordered:
– Wagyu beef, shiitake & cumin shumai dumplings
– Chicken & lemongrass xiao long bao dumplings
– Vegetarian wontons, gochujang, chinese cabbage, shiitake, tofu, sweet chilli sauce
– Roti Roll – slaw, coriander, mint, lime, soy & sesame dressing, crispy shallots
– Green curry of chicken, eggplant, roast cauliflower, kaffir lime, coconut cream, crispy curry leaves
– Wok fried crispy hapuka dry curry, broccolini, peanut, mint, coriander & kaffir lime
– Buddha’s Delight, silken tofu, chilli, shiitake, cashew nuts, bean sprouts & wakame
– Steamed rice
– Pork and the beef wontons

Louise drank the Nashi Pear tea. She said “Epic fit out and improvement on the previous digs. Loved the loos – massive talking point. Excellent food. Highly recommend. I will be dragging my friends back here.”

Innie drank the Nashi Iced Tea. She said “Auckland is getting better and better.”

Katie said “Our waitress dipped the base of her jug into our dish of sauces when she was pouring water! She had no idea though, bless her. The curries were out of this world, I came here with low expectations and was happily surprised!”

Mel drank a Decaf Latte. She said “Well this place was just a bit fancy! A step up from the ‘café’ style lunch, a really lovely place to splurge a little and taste some gorgeous flavours. I loved the décor, each area within the restaurant was a feast for the eyes, stylish wallpaper, lighting etc. Even the loos had a little experience depending on your mood, fun! The food was awesome, my favourite was the Prawn Dumplings.”

Rebecca drank the Nashi Iced Tea. She said “I loved everything about it, would highly recommend. All the dishes were flavourful and delicious.”

Bri drank the Lotus Lily Mocktail. She said “Everything was so good! Note to self: don’t order a salad as a main dish – too many bean sprouts haha (that was the only con). Loved where we were seated, very fancy.”




Overall experience