TEAM Emotional Support, General Vibes… general of the vibes

I am inspired by walks on the beach and well… there’s this lady bulldog across the road..

My onscreen wife would be All the Queens’ Corgis.

My favourite font is English-Bulldog.ttf … they got my good side

My favourite food is anything I shouldn’t be eating.

Favourite place to eat is anywhere people will feed me.

Favourite coffee is … coffee’s not conducive to my sleeping schedule …

My dream holiday is … hard to believe.. but my life is a holiday..

My dream client is someone who will take me for walks, rub my tummy, feed me and let me chew their shoe laces …

I am reading ‘Heeling the Canine Within’ by Liane Leshne

The theme song for my life is Korn – Prey for me.

I haven’t laughed so hard since I ran into the lounge window … ask me to tell you the story sometime…

Ten years ago I… I may look old … but I’ve only been alive for six months…

My dream alternative career is professional snorer/white noise machine…

When I retire I will what!?! I was born retired …

The thing/s I am most proud of is my flab … it gets me all the cuddles.

I am the most likely Husky to lick your feet…


Louise Giles

Jeffrey Tang

Sabrina O’Brien

Mel Skinner


Janina Kay

Sarah Husband