Janina Kay



I am inspired by people who are confident and comfortable being themself.

My onscreen husband would be Jamie Dornan.

My favourite font is comic sans (I said that to annoy the actual designers!).

My favourite food is peanut butter on toast in a lockdown.

Favourite place to eat is Tanuki’s Cave.

Favourite coffee is black and strong.

My dream holiday is anywhere with good people and sunshine.

My dream client is one who gives their receipts in a timely manner.

I am reading all kinds of crap.

The theme song for my life is Hotel California.

I haven’t laughed so hard since I had to pick up 20 cards in a family game of Uno while my family says #sorrynotsorry.

Ten years ago I… had the most epic holiday in Las Vegas with a bunch of great people.

My dream alternative career is as a professional snowboarder (does it have to be realistic?).

When I retire I will take lots of naps.

The thing/s I am most proud of are the people around me.

I am the most likely Husky to be sighing.


Louise Giles

Jeffrey Tang


Kate Coppens

Sabrina O’Brien

Mel Skinner

Sarah Husband