This is US


2020 has been an all-round weird and challenging year, and has led many of us to a little bit of soul-searching #thanksCovid. Unexpectedly, it also helped Husk clarify what we do and how we help and as a result, we are coming out of this year with a sharper 2020 vision (see what we did there?) We are super pumped to roll out a new look which we think better reflects our clarified vision to ‘help people who do good change the world’ and we are even more motivated to help you going forward.

Husk’s new 2020 vision is ‘we help people who do good change the world’.


Let’s break it down for ya:

We help you look good with killer brand, design, print and web development. We’re fierce brand gatekeepers, design allies and your new best friends basically.

People – ‘he tangata, he tangata, he tangata’. It is people, it is people, it is people. We love convos, dreaming, creating and having fun together while working hard for you.

Who do good – if you have heart and your team is on a mission, we’ve got ya and we’re right behind you.

Change the world – we’ll help you tell stories, create movements, engage customers and make your difference in the world.


We like the hand-drawn font cos that’s what we do and who we are – it feels human. And we are humans who make things work. And humans who make things pretty. For you, for us, for both of us.


We also like that US is in the centre of Husk ‘cos people make our world go round. Whether it’s Huskies brainstorming together over coffee & donuts or shouting YOU coffee & treats (wait, there’s a theme here), we can’t go this alone and we don’t want to. We deeply believe we are better together, and in that spirit, we highly value listening, creating and collaborating with you to develop your brand story. Here’s to us as we partner together. 


The X has been a part of our brand for a while now and we love it ‘cos it means a whole bunch of things, the main one being kisses and hugs (which we like but, ya know, only if you like it too).  X also stands for ‘X Factor’, X marks the spot and the fact that Husk X you is the perfect colab IOHO. 


For over 20 years the Huskies have been helping not for profits, charities, social enterprises, businesses and people doing good look good while they are doing it – and we love it! The social good space perfectly combines our passion for meaningful and purposeful work with our creativity and experience. Our values of creativity, relationship, work ethic, delight and growth all underscore this way of being in the world – designers with heart. 

Working with purpose-filled people is what gets us out of bed in the mornings – it is the difference between going to work, and loving it. The difference between saying something, and meaning it. Between knowing the what and how, and deeply believing in the WHY. Between living to work, and working to live. 


You’re doing good out there and we wanna make you look good doing it. 

Time for a coffee? 

Who are we kidding? It’s always time.