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There’s so many ways to consume information these days — news apps, YouTube, TED talks, podcasts… let alone all the social channels.

For the visual thinkers among us, comics just never get old. Here are a few that are equal parts educational and aesthetic:

Pencilsword: On a Plate
It’s widely known to 6.5 people that we’ve got a thing for Toby Morris – the way he distills heavy topics, combined with clever wit and quirky illustration style, this comic is a chance to rethink what privilege is.

Pencilsword: Flagpole Blues
We know we know, the NZ flag design fiasco is probably something we’d rather not think about anymore, but it was the perfect case study on the dangers of “design by committee” and overburdening a singular icon with meaning. Our designers highly recommend anyone looking to do a logo to read this.

RSA Animate: Changing Education Paradigms
Sir Ken Robinson speaks radically on “squaring the circle” with creativity and public education in order to prepare the next generation for future economies. Great for fans of the British wit.

Zen Pencils: the Social Media Generation
Australian artist Gavin Aung takes famous speeches, poems or manifestos all throughout history and pop culture and transforms them into pithy, thought-provoking pieces. Check out this one on Marc Maron’s take on our addiction for acknowledgement in the digital age. 

Nathan Pyle: the Strange Planet series
For something a little more light-hearted, these four-panelled strips observe the intricacies and oddities of human behaviour through googly-eyed alien friends. We particularly love their attempts at tanning and gift giving. Be prepared for hours of scrolling.