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Live below the line is an initiative to challenge New Zealanders to reflect upon extreme poverty (where over 1.2 billion people are affected) and fundraise towards a charitable cause by living on $2.25 a day.

When Habitat for Humanity approached us to handle their promotions campaign, we immediately tagged along as fundraising partners. The project went towards eliminating poverty housing from Kamiaya, a poverty-stricken area of Nepal — we pledged to raise enough for one house, which costs $1866. The experience was… humbling to say the least. Being the café snobs that we are, lamenting over the prices of organic chicken and raving over the Lewis Road chocolate milk — here we were salvaging each strip of carrot skin and last bite of oatmeal. We had fun documenting the whole process none-the-less, and the response we got from our clients, friends and family were overwhelming, having raised $4667, enough to build 2.5 houses! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This fundraiser has finished for now, however, you can still donate to Habitat’s great causes here

Here’s a few more photos from the gig: