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September 2020

Better Life

Better Life is a relational business that helps kiwis get more out of their insurance plans, without all the jargon, without all the nasty surprises — someone in your corner, really. Husk crafted a design that showcases Carley’s approachable nature and the brand essence of “healthy, wealthy, wise” with a library of copywriting and core brand elements.

“From day one, when we first met Carley over coffee at Crave, we felt on the same page. It was amazing to be able to dig into her brand and to bring it to life. We really love what Better Life do and the way they do it and are super stoked to work with Carley!

~ the Huskies 💛

If you are looking for a company who not only seeks to fully understand your brand, but also chucks their gum boots on to help you dig deeper into what you actually want – call Husk. I’ve lost count of the compliments I have received on my brand offering from clients and competitors. Let Husk handle it!” ~ Carley, Director, BETTER LIFE