Husk logo
September 2021


Yasmin is the brains behind Biddy & May, an online store selling premium, clean skincare and make-up sourced both from Aotearoa and around the globe. We loved developing the moodboard for their store interiors, along with the logo mark and colour palette that informs their popup store and website. We love the bold but elegant aesthetic – Yasmin, go champion your brand to the world!

“We love supporting our wonderful customers like Yasmin who do good by helping each of us look after ourselves and the planet in one hit – Biddy & May is one such brand. We are in love with both their range and commitment to promoting high-performing natural skincare products. Biddy & May’s passion for your health and the health of the planet is unsurpassed!”

~ the Huskies💛

Husk was with me from the inception of Biddy + May Clean Beauty store. They worked with me to develop the branding and logo, they took my many ideas and created clarity for me, helping me to visualise what I needed, in order to make the hard decisions. They were a joy to work with, making the whole process seamless, and they were patient with my many iterations. I am thrilled with the outcome and recommend them highly.” ~ Yasmin, Biddy & May