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September 2015


At the heart of it all, humanity craves connection, and local not-for-profit cafe, Crave, champions this with true hospitality (and great coffee), deeply impacting and transforming what used to be a cold, industrial area of Morningside. It was our joy to craft their brand identity, packaging, website and signage and in turn, help them make Morningside a better place to live and work #morningsideforlife

“The Huskies have been supporting Crave since way back in the day when they were a tiny shop over the road (Crave 1.0), smashed down the wall and expanded (Crave 2.0) and then moved over to the current ridiculously cool premises (Crave 3.0). It’s been an honour to help develop the Crave brand over the years ,not to mention the clientele. We drag most of our clients there for meetings over coffee, sometimes up to 5x a day! This is some good in the ‘hood we can really get behind!”

~ the Huskies💛

“We love Husk – they make us look good. They develop our cafe’s brand, our story and our web presence and we are pumped that they are also helping us make Morningside a better place to live and work.” ~ Nigel, Manager, CRAVE CAFE