Husk logo
March 2019


Morningcider is exactly as its namesake: cider made in Morningside (woah). A brain-child of Tim (who makes the cider), Nigel (who owns Crave) and Lou (who owns Husk) – all locals that celebrate the “bright cider life” – Morningcider runs Auckland’s first craft cider bar and is also behind Aotearoa’s first urban apple orchard. It’s been a privilege dreaming up their branding (which utilises the local street art on their can designs), packaging, cider bar interiors and collateral for their appearances at cider festivals, online shop, awards shows and the like. Go you good things!

“Morningcider is fast becoming one of the Huskies’ favourite brands to play with – from designing their local Morningside street-inspired can artwork to their packaging and social, we have the. most. fun. ever… helping to grow this epic cider empire. If you’re a fan of cider, or even if you’re not, the cidery experience is a must for anyone who calls themselves a proper New Zealander.”

~ the Huskies 💛

“We are super pumped that some of the best Morningside creatives are also in the Morningcider family – Lou, who is a Director of both our businesses, also doubles as the Brand Manager for Morningcider. We love how our brand has grown over the years and really enjoy the colab of creating artwork for cans, flavour experiments, packaging, point of sale, online shopping and digital comms – together we are taking Morningcider to the world and having a tonne of fun doing it! Thanks Huskies. #drinklocalapples #howyoulikedemapples” ~ Tim Shallard, Cider Baron ~ MORNINGCIDER