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September 2021

northern easter camp

Every year, thousands of teenagers gather for one of the largest Easter Camps in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s been pure joy capturing the energy and soul of the event and producing the branding, clothing lines, web and event collateral annually – it keeps our designers young but not as young as the youth this incredible team are investing into – 5000 teenagers camping for 5 days is no mean feat! So good.

“It is one of our favourite times of the year – from helping dream up the theme for each camp, to rolling out design, digital and merch, we have the BEST time creating on behalf of this incredible event.”

~ the Huskies💛

“Every year Husk bring the goods. From helping establish the theme for our annual event to rolling out brand, collateral, web and rego systems, we basically now can’t do camp without them!” ~ Blue Bradley, Director, NORTHERN EASTER CAMP

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