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September 2021


Parenting is just like a walk in the park… Jurassic Park. Tuti makes it all a bit better though, with beautifully-designed reusable nappies that look after the planet and the delicate skin of our favourite bubs. We loved dreaming up the look-and-feel and kick-butt copywriting for Megan, helping her develop a brand that is both playful and innovative. #welikelilbuttsandwecannotlie

“Working with Megan has been super duper fun from the get go. Her originality, creativity and fresh approach to reusable nappies is both refreshing and bad-ass. We had the BEST TIME dreaming up campaign and brand taglines for such a fun business concept – if you have a bub, look nowhere else for nappies that give a sh*t about the planet. Bwaahaha.”

~ the Huskies💛

“When starting my online business, Tuti, from scratch, we needed a partner in crime to jump in, take on all of my ideas and wrap them up into a package. I met with a number of agencies and Husk was a blow away with their can-do attitude, nested in being 100% realistic and expanding on every idea I had and how that would best look in the marketplace. From the early stages it was clear that Husk works in partnership on big visions, timeframes and cost expectations. The benefits of having started everything with Husk run deep – because they took such care and attention to our project in the beginning we have strong foundations that have saved us a lot of money. Their design is top notch and edgy and the end product was beyond impressive – slowly we’ve seen competitors change their designs and website to emulate ours! However, what is memorable and impressive as a business owner was the communication, collaboration and incredible responsiveness. Communication throughout was excellent and easy and three years down the track, this hasn’t changed – Husk is always a pleasure, nothing is too hard or out of bounds. Easy, over and above every time. We are really grateful that Husk look after our business like its their own – it’s hard to find this sort of service. We are so appreciative for all the Huskies!” ~ Megan Anderson, Founder, Tuti