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Christmas is just ‘round the corner and our beloved pine tree is up, spreading seasonal cheer and hayfever around the office.

Last week the Huskies were furiously folding, tying and packaging this year’s postcards to be sent out to our clients, featuring an accordion fold with perforation, white ink on white paper creating a matte overgloss aesthetic. Excuse us geeks while we wipe our drool. Special thanks to Fuzed Print for their super-hero expertise as always.

We particularly enjoy dreaming up and designing client gifts, so if you’re looking for some corporate presents with an edge, be sure to hook us up!

And before we sign off for the festive break, here’s a list of things the Huskies (or any other creative) actually wants for Christmas:

1) The Giving Keys
These cool peeps in L.A. employ people transiting out of homelessness to create jewellery with a message. Each key is stamped with a word that affirms a quality or encourages the receiver, and one is meant to wear it, embrace the meaning of the word, then pass it on to a person that needs the message more than you in the future. We adore the “brave” key in matte black.

You can shop online, or grab them from beloved.co.nz or fast, NZ-wide delivery.

2) The True Honey Co.
You ain’t seen no honey like this before. Selling only raw, 300+ MGO Manuka, these pots are potent in its medicinal effects, and luxurious in its packaging. They also pick the most remote, uncontaminated parts of the country for their bee-friendly harvesting, then using the proceeds to help landowners restore New Zealand bush to their native beauty. Shut up and take our money.

3) She Made This
More on social enterprises that sell innovative products that do good at the same time, She Made This features homeware products sourced ethically from female artisans from Bangladesh, Nepal and Australia. Founder Steph Johnstone believes that empowering women through job creation and economic growth, not charity work, is the answer to effecting change in our world — we concur.

This Himalayan throw made with yak wool has a beautiful rustic vibe, perfect for those bach-lounging sessions in the evenings.

4) Wacaco Minipresso
Does this need any further explanation? This lightweight, portable espresso machine means you can get legit, complete-with-crema coffee shots anywhere. No more packet-made, bitter brown liquid for your roadies anymore. Hallelujah.

5) More Southern-Hemisphere-related Christmas songs
like this mash up by Air New Zealand: Summer Wonderland. #brosareglistening

Happy holidays everyone, thank you for sticking by us. The Husk studio will close from 24 December and be back on board 9 January 2017. See you then.