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Hey you, marketing legend you!

Introducing Husk – your new heartfelt, hard-working,
VIRTUAL creative agency.

We get it.

Your company is signed up with an agency that handles all your design, print and web.
It starts off swell and then the weeks roll into months and things start feeling tired.
Response times slow down at the same rate billing creeps up.
The designers seem to listen but somehow just aren’t getting it right.
Frustration is mounting… but switching agency is a mish you just don’t have time for right now.

We can help.

If you’re looking for something new and fresh…
If you want hard-workers and fast turnarounds…
If you want designers who give a damn…
If you don’t want big bills just for small changes…
And a stress-free transition to something better…

We are your new design team!




HUSK is a virtual design studio specialising in branding, graphic design, print and web. Since 2000, Husk has helped businesses better engage their audiences through a firm grasp on brand storytelling, UX, design, communication and delivery. Husk is Kiwi/female-owned, committed to excellence and motivated to deliver creativity in  fresh, flexible ways.


The Huskies have a strong set of values around work ethic, integrity and relationships and are especially motivated by clients who are making a difference in the world and/or have a social good component to their work. We pour our heart and soul into every project to get the best results we can – in fact, the privilege of helping our clients is what get us out of bed in the mornings.


It’s all very well being relational and motivated, but can we actually do the work? Well yes, yes we can. Husk deliver on deadlines and budgets and are a hard-working team with the capability and systems to make things happen, often with light-speed turnarounds. A recent survey revealed that the majority of clients would describe us as ‘relational creatives that get sh*t done’ (‘scuse the french 😉


Husk has an inclusive culture and work environment that encourages each and every Husky to thrive – from social fun including time out, weekly coffees and lunches, to programmes for professional development, wellness, happiness, rest and work flexibility, it is our deep belief that happier staff make a happier studio and also produce better work! The love is not just for our team though – we are all about treating our clients too.


More than 50+ five star Google reviews can’t be lyin’. But if you need more, read our stories from happy clients. Oh. Here’s one: ““Husk are simply the best! We reached out to Husk for a rebranding project and they were amazing. The end result far exceeded our expectations and everyone in the team was blown away by the work produced. Highly recommend.” ~ Jo, Marketing Manager, Parkmate


Husk serve ‘good people doing good things’ across a wide range of NZ businesses and organisations and thus we know social good. 70% of our largest 10 clients are not for profit, illustrating a strong synergy with our areas of passion and experience. We also help many companies who give back to the community or planet, creating a positive impact or working towards a better world in some way, however small.

So how can we help?


We are passionate about customer-orientated brand storytelling, helping you articulate the essence of your brand and the difference it makes to your customer’s experience. Brand frameworks, perception surveys, positioning workshops and creative think-tanks will help you communicate your uniqueness and create a powerful and engaging brand presence.


No matter what project you need graphic design help with, we’ve got the mad skills in-house to help. From annual reports to flyers, brochures to stationery or vehicle signage to store fit-outs, our creative team can organise any design and print requirements for you. We’ve designed it all, printed it all, overglossed it all and delivered it all – try us out 😉


We have the tools to design and build a website for you that both gives you competitive advantage and engages and converts your audience. From beautiful brochure sites through to online shops, your website will be unique, appealing, powerful, super-easy for you to manage and epic on mobile. We can also assist with eMarketing, Google search, SEO and social.


Ready to level up?

If you’re excited to take your Canva designs from good to great, let's connect.

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