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September 2022

Burnt Butter


After a couple of tries visiting this place but finding it closed we finally made it to Burnt Butter! Their instagram is fab and they seemed like a great vibe – ‘simple done well’ as they call themselves. On first impression the space is very sweet, cosy, home-like and the owners are super friendly and welcoming. We chose to sit outside in the sun which was nice, however the street was busy and passing buses and trucks regularly rendered us silent. We had great chats with Claudia, one of the owners who also makes all of the sweet treats in the cabinet – she seems made for authentic hospitality. The menu is not big and it’s simple (of course) –  we love that mostly everything was house made and seasonal. Once we ordered, the food was delivered within a good time. Our meals were good but more humble than outstanding – the highlight was definitely the house made flatbread.

Louise had the Prawn & Chorizo Omelette with Homegrown OJ. She said, “I enjoyed our waitress – she was super friendly and engaging, the guy a lot more perfunctory and moving fast. I imagine it’s just the two of them so they can be forgiven for being focused on getting the job done. I enjoyed the prawn and chorizo blend but they were diced into very small bites – I prefer them large and chunky. Overall, the omelette was tasty as though, and coming out of Covid loss of taste, that is saying something!”

Mel had the chorizo sausage and prawn omelette with flatbread and an immunity juice. She said, “The omelette was a nicely flavoured combo, but the winner for me was the flat bread!  I would return just to eat the bread.”

Sam had the sandwich of the day which was a house made corned beef, quite like a Reuben sandwich. He said, “It was a nice place to try once but I might not be back, not much of a vibe. The food was good but super simple and there were no sides, chips or extras with the sandwich. Had food fomo haha!”

Sarah had the scrambled eggs on a house made crumpet. She said, “I was so looking forward to trying out Burnt Butter and I had mixed feelings about it. The scrambled eggs were fine and the crumpet was ok. I really loved the vibe and the service though.”




Overall experience