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March 2023

De Nada


If you’re looking for a fresh, fun and relaxed place to dine out, this Mexican-inspired addition to the Mt Eden village eateries is for you. The food selection didn’t disappoint with plenty of authentic Mexican staples on offer. The tacos are a must, full of flavour and options to suit everyone – other light but satisfying treats are the ceviche and their house fries. The dips and sauces had some decent heat which made for a good ‘zing’.  

The menu is set up really well for the whole sharing situation – there was a good range of grazing type dishes to choose from and the Huskies always love the chance to try a bit of everything wherever we go, so this place suited just nicely, thanks! For those not willing to share (we know you’re out there!), there were bigger mains to wrap your exclusive lips around.  

Unfortunately we didn’t have any belly space left for sampling any of the sweets –  the churros are definitely calling us back for another time! As for the tequila, so many bottles adorning the shelves along the bar tantalising us to try, we might have been seduced had we not had a work afternoon laid out before us – bummed!  

It wasn’t super busy when we visited but we can imagine this place would be humming in the evenings and weekends. One to add to your list of places to go for sure.

Mel had the pork taco, chicken taco, ceviche, chips with a ginger beer. She said “ Great place, positioned really well in the heart of the very busy Mt Eden village, had an authentic Mexican vibe and good tasting tacos!”

Louise had the pork taco, chicken taco, ceviche, chips with a Raspberry and Lime soda. She said “I really enjoyed the busy yet organised decor, light airy vibe and friendliness of the staff. Given that Taco Loco is my go to, the experience was comparative but not mind-blowing. Best part of my lunch was the drink (!) which was beautifully presented, tart, sweet and delicious. I would go back for tequilas and margaritas for sure.”

Sam had the halloumi kale tacos x2 and some chips. He said “Food was awesome, lots of nice flavours and it’s a cool little spot. It’s well designed and the decor is nice to look at.”




Overall experience