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September 2023

Everyday Coffee


The Huskies love a good excuse to coffee, so as a Monday morning ‘welcome to the new week’, or more likely ‘let’s delay working as long as possible’, we hit a new-to-us cafe on Sandringham Road. Everyday Cafe is seriously one cool cat – its vibe is retro, warm, uber cool and welcoming.  Not a big space, it has cleverly designed bench seats along the whole side of their grunge-style concrete wall and inviting window seats for those that are lucky enough to score them. This place seemed to have a continuous line of people coming in for their takeaway brews and Daily Bread treats, a few like us hanging around to enjoy the good music and relaxed atmosphere. Everyday offers a great selection of good-looking bagels which we will all be back to try … we couldn’t justify having our lunch at 9.30am. lol! To top off the groovy vibe, the staff were super nice too, down to earth and ready to help with whatever we needed. All in all, the coffee was fab, the atmosphere was soothing and we have added this to our ‘cool places to hang’ list.  Top marks from us – if only we could go there ‘everyday’!

Total spend – 3 people – $23.90

Louise had a single shot Americano and half a hazelnut pain au chocolat from Daily Bread. She said, “Loved the aesthetic, the vibe, the peeps, the Allpress, the terracotta tones, the concrete, the plants, the window. All over it’s like cinnamon on a cappuccino. Think it might be my new fave.”

Mel had a flat white and half a hazelnut pain au chocolat from Daily Bread. She said, “Happy days, loving this new little cafe in my hood!  Warm, inviting, with great coffee and treats.  I’m really looking forward to an excuse to go for a walk with my daughter, with the full intention, not of getting exercise – that’s just a bonus, but to get some great coffee and try out their epic looking bagel selection.”

Sam had a mocha.  He said, “Loved the look of the place, super relaxing and nice, it’s a good spot to pop in for a coffee and people watch.”




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