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May 2023



It has been about 2 years since our last visit to this Kingsland staple, it was as busy as we remember with a mix of young families and work peeps filling the place out for lunch. This family run business is an asset to Kingsland, Phil busy whipping up some seriously good meals in the kitchen while his lovely wife keeps everything else running, they really do make a great team. There is a real mix of styles and spaces  going on, with slightly quirky arts & crafts around the place, a few fake plants or struggling living ones, cute small vases of flowers on some of the tables (nice touch!) and a childs play area for all those little visitors. I guess we’d describe it as slightly outdated, but it has its own unique charm and  character which draws people back. As for the food, the Huskies went all out on ordering the carb options today, well it is Friday and who doesn’t love a large helping of carbs to set us up for an end of the week food coma!  The two fettuccine dishes were just what the Dr ordered, Sam raved about his pork belly one!  The chicken burger was generously loaded up with three big tenders, this made Lou very happy, yummo. So will we return, hell yes, do we love Phils food, hell yes and would we recommend a visit to others, hell yes 🙂

Total spend – 3 people – $92.50

Louise had the fried chicken burger and drank an americano. She said, “Phil was kind and humble, as always. Food was generously portioned, super tasty and served with speed, as always. The dining space itself was super eclectic and the decor haphazard, which seems at odds with the quality of the food, but I still loved it, as always.”

Sam had the pork belly fettuccine and drank a mocha. He said, “I felt the branding from the outside doesn’t match the inside. Inside the cafe is very tired and very mix-matched, with old chairs and random artwork that doesn’t seem to suit. But the food was amazing, it’s made so well, lots of flavour and the meal sizes are really good.”

Sarah had the truffle fettuccine and drank a lime yuzu soda.  She said “The truffle fettuccine was super yummy and very rich, I had to save half for later. As we walked in, this dish passed by me looking super delish and I was not disappointed! The family vibe here is super cute and it’s cool to watch Phil do his thing in the kitchen if you can get a seat with a view of it.”




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