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June 2017



It’s been 5 years since our last review of Kokako – can you believe it? That review only had Lou and Innie at the table… this time our party was 6-people strong, and the feelings were relatively the same. Yay to organic and fair-trade coffee! Yay to tasty vegetarian fare (honest, we didn’t even miss meat at this place)! Yay to the use of 100% cyan to full effect in their branding. This lil’ blue bird will be a favourite for a long, long time…

Louise had the Agria Hash with Kale and Mushrooms and a Kombucha on tap. She said “Super healthy and tasty, Kokako rarely lets us down. Full house yet quick with drinks and reasonably timely with food.”

Katie had the Chargrilled Courgette with green harissa, puy lentils, beetroot hummus, green apple, macadamia nut dukkah, smoked yoghurt and a fried egg on top. She also drank a Choco Peanut Smoothie. She said “Chargrilled anything is a good idea, the dish was so savory and moreish – would eat again.”

Mel had the Agria Potato Hash and a Kombucha on tap. She said “This place does not disappoint, no need for meat here. The flavours were totally delish and very satisfying. Cool, open, trendy vibe.”

Rebecca had the Agria Potato Hash and a Green Smoothie. She said “Very flavourful and delicious, loved the potato stack and especially the cashew aioli and crispy kale on the side. Would recommend.”




Overall experience