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April 2022

Mekong Baby


After a long stretch of #covid writing off our fave way to socialise, the Huskies ventured to Mekong Baby on Ponsonby Road, hoping to give our taste buds a long overdue treat! This asian fusion spot is all about sharing (and so are we) so naturally we ordered it all – Wok Fried Squid, Hot Wings, Crispy-Skinned Fish, Pork Belly, Vegan Pad See Ew, Cauliflower Curry, Black Pepper Chicken with Jasmine Rice – and scoffed the lot. The plating was great, the vibe relaxed, the service efficient and the flavours delish – a few of the cocktails packed a spicy punch but we loved every bit! We polished off the savouries with some shared sweet treats which brought lovely balance and finish to the intensity of the first round. Always a good time, and not just ‘cos we are drinking cocktails on a work day.

Louise tried a bit of everything and drank the Chilli & Ginger Mojito. She said “Love Mekong every time, and basically any blend of Asian Fusion to be honest. The mojito had a good kick to it, the chicken wings and pork belly were next level and the service was spot on. Only complaint would be a solid draft that somehow made it around the corner from the front door but, as soon as the food arrived, we were happily distracted. Waah my mouth is watering again just thinking about it.”

Mel tried a bit of everything and drank the Flaming Lotus Cocktail. She said “After 2 years of not dining out often this was a real treat to the taste buds!  Amazing flavours and if you like a good bit of heat then there are plenty of options to bring on a sweat.  The cocktails were so nice, just beware of the heat that these bad boys can bring to the table too!  Can’t wait to go sample more options next time.”

Jeffrey tried a bit of everything and drank the Ginger Sting. He said, “Food & Drinks were surprisingly spicy.”

Sarah tried all the vegetarian things and drank the Snow Peck. She said “Really yummy – the squid and the crispy-skinned fish were standouts and the cocktails were fresh, zingy and great! The apple tart afterward also was soooo good.”




Overall experience