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December 2015



Christmases at Husk is always a bit special and 2015 was no exception. Seven of us trundled along to Mekong Baby, South-East asian fusion at Ponsonby (seeing a trend here, guys?) to have a taste of their banquet menu. We loved sitting in their private booth tucked at the back — huge red velvet curtains framed the curved blue couch (lots of bum-shuffles to get to the middle), a spherical paper pendant hung inches from our heads. It was cosy, but comfortably so. Perhaps the cocktails helped.

The 12-course meal was luxurious, with abundant aromas and portions. We asked for a couple of breaks between courses to open our gifts (Husk Christmas tradition involves the exchange of a few of our Favourite Things) and brainstorming just what situations would require those mysterious curtains to be closed (mafia assemblies? Romantic rendezvous? Dancing customers on the table with the paper pendant on their heads?). Anyhoo, we digress…

Watch out for the spiced cocktails, because they really mean it — Lou and Emilie’s Venom (chilli, vodka, ginger, palm sugar, chilli, lemons & honey) packed a punch, if you’re the type that likes their throats on sweet, icy fire — get it. If not, the Hanoi Cooler with gin, pineapple, ginger and rose promises a soothing accompaniment for the spicy dishes. 

Each plate is served on beautiful sea-green glassware, and just when you feel you’ve eaten something that’s your favourite of the meal, you’ll surprised by the next one. Reserve time to get through the whole menu, we spent around 2.5 hours there — and savoured every mouthful from their Crab & Kaffir Lime Canape down to their Coconut Sago with Rich Ginger Chocolate mousse. Needless to say, we cradled our food babies home. 


Louise and the rest of the Huskies had everything on the Red Southeast Junction banquet menu ” the food just kept coming! She “had a cocktail of some sort” but remembered enjoying it. She said “Service could’ve been a bit more prompt. Felt laggy but fortunately the food entirely made up for it. YUMMMMMMO!”

Innie had a lime cocktail and loved the rich flavours.

Katie had a Spicy Lychee cocktail and said “It’s either ‘cause Christmas is in the air or the place is actually awesome. Gotta go try again to make sure.” Her advice to anyone reading this: “Order the crab!”

Mel had an Elderflower Martini with her lunch. She said “What an amazing place to celebrate our christmas team lunch. Such a beautiful venue, you could easily feel like you have been transported into Asia for this experience. Lovely authentic flavours, and the amount of food that kept arriving at the table – I needed another stomach! Fantastic!” Mel’s only gripe was how bad Ponsonby parking is; but we all know that.

Joe didn’t have a cocktail but did think that “the kingfish sashimi is a good time!”

Emilie had a Chilli Cocktail and said “The cocktail was really chilli! (- yes of course, what else I could expect..) Food was fantastic. Very fancy bathroom interior!”




Overall experience