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September 2015



“All of us possess nomadic tendencies – we are travellers, each with our own lessons and experiences to share with one another.” 

Such is the flashy intro for Nomad, a Point Chevalier bar restaurant with a Mediterranean twist. We ooo’d and aah’d at the size of the place, the copper accents and black-raftered pine ceilings, the intricately-tiled floor and beautiful fireplace. Our waitress was friendly but seemed mostly absent throughout the meal, only refilling our water glasses after we started both breathing fire from the tabasco sauce and attempting to swallow what seemed to be rubber discs (mussel fritters). The truffle fries were the saving virtue really. Our experience was somewhat of a far cry from the rave reviews from the Herald and Zomato – perhaps we’ll give it another try at night and see how the experience differs.

Louise had the Southern Fried Chicken and a Mocha. She said ‘loved the décor and the size of the space (upstairs would be cool for a function) but surprised by the tabasco sauce all over the chicken. Not my fave thing in the world ” had the menu disclosed it, I wouldn’t have chosen it. Good-sized serving though. Coffee good but had to wait a while for it to cool down ” too hot.’

Innie had the Mussel Seafood Fritters and a Lemonade. She said ‘I think I wasn’t very wise with my menu choice but definitely going back to have a glass of wine over shared platter!’

Katie had the Southern Fried Chicken with a Nomad Grill Sauce & Coriander. She said ‘Loved the ambience of the place! Wished they warned us about the spiciness of the chicken, whooo!’

Mel also had the Southern Fried Chicken, a Cola and some Fries & Salad to share. She said ‘very open, trendy place. Plenty of spice in the dressing, not for the faint hearted.’

Joe had the Buffalo Meatballs and a Lemonade. He said ‘Tidy place. Portions could have a been a little bigger though.’

Annie had the mussel cheese fritters and the mac and cheese with an orange juice. She said ‘the flavour and texture of the fritters was too out-there for me to eat.’




Overall experience