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April 2015



Being regulars of okra, we’ve always skimmed over reviewing whenever we went (read: we can be quite lazy-ass). But seeing that our last review was 3 years ago(!), perhaps it’s time to freshen up. One thing we noticed upon comparing the photos over the years is that Okra’s mouthwatering pan-fried haloumi has remained the same all this time — consistency you have, Okra, and it’s definitely working in your favour. If you ever wanted to pretend to be a vegetarian for a day, their vege-burger brings their A-game and will cause order envy to anyone within a 5-metre radius. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, their lime-curd and toasted coconut pancakes are to die for. Lou swears by the chorizo creamy mushrooms. Resuscitate us, please.

Louise had the creamy chorizo & mushrooms and an apple, cucumber and mint juice. She said ‘We have been long-time patrons of Okra – though the menu etc has tightened up, the portions seem to have slimmed down. Probably a good thing ;)’.

Innie had the vegetarian burger and a latte. She said ‘It was nice but I do miss the old vegetarian burger there was just something slightly better about the old one!’

Katie had the beef burger served with side of rustic fries on a toasted brioche bun with salad, caramelised onion, haloumi & garlic aioli. She said ‘Changed the mozzarella to haloumi – twas yum, but the probably not worth the extra $4’

Joe had the beef burger and a lemon and ginger toddy. He said ‘A good value, nice enough local’.

Annie had the pumpkin and lentil pattie burger and a hakanoa lemon & ginger toddy. She said ‘The toddy was delicious and warming, excellent for an overcast day.’




Overall experience