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June 2015



Continuing on our Kingsland restaurant “combing”, we arrive at the cosy and colourful eatery Petra Shawermah, serving fragrant and exotic Jordanian food! Our waitress cordially explained the menu, giving us markers to select our food from the laminated pages — a pretty efficient way of ordering we think. We tried the Nut & Cinnamon tea, which involved spooning sugar and crushed walnuts into our cup, then pouring hot cinnamon tea to mix. The delicate serve-ware with gold trimming was beautiful and the nut layer on our drinks pretty substantial, a good thing because the food did take quite a while to arrive (they cook fresh, on order). The food was super delicious and got the all-round thumbs up. All in all a happy place to be, worthy of its place in the Metro Cheap Eats – we are keen to try their Cardamon & Cream Milk Tea next time.

Louise had the mixed madri and cinnamon & nut tea . She said ‘Was feeling a little dubious from the outside looking in but put it down to the owners more about authenticity than style. From the tagines to the lamps to the women in Jordanian dress about to begin Ramadan, it did feel a bit ‘other-worldly’ in the middle of Kingsland. Meats were delicately and perfectly spiced, pilaf rice was totally delicious, salad dressing divine – wonderfully surprising. Loved my entire meal.’

Katie had the chicken mandi rice with cashews, raisins and hummus and an aloe vera drink. She said ‘Very friendly service explaining the menu and the nut-tea! You have to wait a bit for the food, but worth it.’

Mel had the mixed madri and cinnamon & nut tea. She said ‘What a fabulous hidden Jordanian treasure. A little slow on the service but this was well made up for in the presentation and beautiful flavours.’

Joe had the chicken schwarma wrap and pomegrenate soda. He said ‘Wholesome and tasty flavours.’

Annie had the petra shaw and cinnamon and nut tea. She said ‘I loved having something different for lunch, thoroughly enjoyed it. The tea was appealingly aromatic but the taste didn’t follow through, like most herbal teas I guess.’




Overall experience