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March 2024



Situated in the busy industrial hub off Avondale, Piccolina is a feast for hungry eyes. Their food cabinet is extensive and offers a wonderful variety of savoury options including salads, rolls and hot pastries. They provide some delicious sweet treats too to help out those that just need a serious hit of sugar on a Friday afternoon #raiseshand. Yet, if you’re somehow not satisfied with the front cabinet, just wait – there’s more!  A solid menu is on offer too, not overly fancy or creative, but flavoursome all the same.

The cafe itself felt spacious and airy with high ceilings, white walls and a few nooks to sit in away from the main central area.  It was a bit of a mixup in the decor department – they’re seemingly attempting a calm and relaxed vibe with lots of greens (maybe too many differing shades in one space, sorry designer snobbery kicking in here) – almost nailed it. Almost. 

This little Italian-inspired spot is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area – the local businesses are very lucky to have such a great grab and go in their hood.

Total spend – 4 people – $111.60

Louise had mushrooms on sourdough and shared the fried chicken. She said, “I found both the instagram feed and the descriptions of food on the menu overpromised and under-delivered unfortunately. Almost as though there had recently been a change of hands or the head chef had subbed out for the day. However, the mushrooms were delicious and creamy and would totally go again on those.”

Mel had the chicken and vegetable couscous salad with a spinach and feta pastry, she drank a White Peach and Passionfruit Quencher. She said, “This place has great potential! They had really good cabinet options but slightly lacked variety on the main menu. We arrived after the main lunchtime rush so there weren’t many people there, good for seat selection but not so great for creating a fun and happening vibe. The decor was a little disjointed but it did feel fresh and spacious. The food was definitely not high-end but did the trick for nice flavours.  I’d pop in again if I was in the area, we didn’t try any takeaway sweets, which did look fab!”

Sam had the roast vegetable bowl, shared fried chicken and drank a flat white. He said, “Interesting spot, somewhere I would not normally go but the food was really good. Lots of nice options out of the cabinets, I found the menu a little small.” 

Sarah had the chicken and leek pie and a Yuzu soda. She said, “The vibes were pretty good, lots of natural light and plants. The food was also pretty good, I would recommend this spot for cabinet food as they have lots of nice looking options. The service was super-friendly.”




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