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May 2016



Venturing into K’road feels a bit off the beaten track for us, even though it is realistically only 3kms or so away – we should really do it more often. Walking into Satya took a bit of a pupil adjustment (we mean the eyes not the students) as the restaurant seemed unusually dark. However, the atmosphere was significantly brightened by the beautiful Saris adorning the restaurant in a stunning display of colour. This Satya is one of four across Auckland (along with Sandringham, Ponsonby and Mt Eden), set up by owners Swamy and Padmaja Akuthota. The menu boasts an array of northern and southern indian cuisine and we opted for the shared menu. We dug into the delicious and super-popular entrée of Dahi Puri followed by a large spread of curry-based mains – Lamb Spinach, Lamb Vindaloo, Chicken Korma, Fish Vindaloo, Spinach Paneer and the ol’ faithful Butter Chicken. The flavours were delicate, layered, delicious and served both hot and timely. We were possibly guilty of overly-enthusiastic curry to person ratio, but we were more than happy to takeaway the leftovers. A popular haunt for dining and more often takeaway. As far as Indian cuisine goes, Satya have quality and flavour nailed.

Louise had a bit of everything. She said “Very dark in there but beautiful coloured sari chair covers and beautiful food!”

Innie had a bit of everything huskies ordered. She said “Sharing is always a good idea!”

Mel had a little taste of everything. She said “I love an experience where I get to try a whole heap of dishes, the flavours were divine.”

Joe had a fish vindaloo and a pineapple juice. He said “Excellent flavours.”

Emilie had a share of all the dishes, so tasted them all. I ordered spinach lamb vindaloo. She drank a mango lassi. She said “the straw with my mango lassi had a hole so that was useless. :-p so I gave 3.5 for service. Other than that, all good. :)”

Rikki had the dahi puri and lamb spinach. She said “Yummy indian, loved the Dahi Puri mmmm.”




Overall experience