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December 2014



City Works Depot hosts a range of amazing cafes with the likes of Best Ugly Bagels and the Food Truck — like duh, everyone knows that.However less known is that, just a spiral staircase below, between shelves of pots and planting, sits a florist slash café bar. Great place for a first date we reckon, particularly if you forgot the flowers. We spent our time ogling at the brightly-painted pipes, Scandinavian furniture and their beautiful range of hipster terrainiums filled with succulents and vines (three egg-shaped planters, please). Their usual clipboard menus seemed to be out-of-action and instead we had to order from the cabinet/blackboard — which boasted a range of creative salads and (unnamed) wraps; t’was a bit of a shame not being able to try out their kitchen, but their friendly service made up for it… sort of.

Louise had the Pumpkin, beetroot & feta salad and asian noodle salad and decaf mocha. She said ‘the food was tasty, the coffee was hot but the food options were a bit limited I thought. Great we could book though ‘cos it was heaving.’

Innie had the kumera potato salad AND breakfast on pastry kinda slice and a latte. She said ‘café and flower in ONE shop – my new heaven.’

Katie had the caesar salad wrap with a beetroot & chickpea salad and a gingerlla. She said ‘what happened to their usual menu? I didn’t come here for cabinet food! #firstworldproblems.’

Mel had the beetroot, chickpea, roasted kumera and feta salad and a gingerella. She said ‘service at the front desk felt a little chaotic and they could have explained more about ordering different salads together (I missed out on getting to taste other options which I would have ordered had I known I could do a combo!). Flavours were good, a very relaxed and casual feel.’

Joe had the mud meatballs and a gingerella. He said ‘Great flavours, nice atmosphere.’

Annie had all the salads and a flat white. She said ‘The chorizo in the bean salad was an unfortunate surprise for the vegetarian but the staff were very nice about it. The kaffir in the Soba Noodle Salad was fantastic! The tables were a bit sticky from juice or something.’




Overall experience