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August 2014



Louise had smashed avocado on sourdough with bacon and a mocha. She said, ‘I ate a whole avocado and the waiter was lovely. Company was OK, I guess ;)’

Innie had the creamy mushrooms and a latte. She said, ‘This place is somewhere you can trust that you know what you are getting is up to the standard ;)’

Katie had the salt and pepper squid with a mango and sweet chilli salad. She said, ‘Salad was a bit too much dressing so was a bit overpowering, the view of the sky tower was great though!’

Mel had the cajun chicken sandwich and a spirulina. She said, ‘The flavours were awesome, the chicken was cooked perfectly and not too hot in its seasoning. It had just the right amount of avocado, relish and salad. With the chips on the side and came away quite full! I would love to return here to sample more delicious options. My only grudge was that the layout/type of tables, long and thin, I found it hard to have good conversation with all of those in our group of 6.’

Joe had the lamb burger and a spirulina. He said, ‘Great flavours. Architecture added to the dining experience.’

Annie had the chef’s special of thai kumara soup with sourdough bread, along with a lemon toddy. She said, ‘The soup was so hot that I couldn’t touch it until everyone else was nearly finished their meals (20min), then I still burned my tongue. They were good about it though and gave me a free drink. The tables were a bit skinny so there wasn’t a lot of room for feet underneath.’




Overall experience