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April 2016



This paleo cafe is housed at the Mt Albert Community Centre — just walk through the front doors and you’ll can’t miss it. Their mini-fridges housed Dr Feelgood iceblocks (awww yeah), as well as frozen gluten-free pies for you to take home. Seating was sparse, so we took to the benches outside, admiring the community garden with a plastic-bottle showering system and herb patches (bit chilly, though). Three of us ordered their smoothies — they’d pressed the nut milks themselves apparently, but the flavours seemed a bit “lost in translation”. We weren’t sure if it was because of the mouth-watering posts on Facebook had led our expectations astray, but something seemed to be amiss in our experience there. Perhaps we were too late and missed the best of the cabinet offerings after the lunch craze? Hard to know.

Louise had the roasted pumpkin salad and rawsome beetroot salad combo and a yellow watermelon, orange and ginger slow-pressed juice. She said “This place is perfect for gym bunnies or people on a health-kick, especially with a full paleo menu. For cabinet food though, the delivery had a significant lag and the plating was nothing to write home about. The pumpkin salad significantly made up for the lack in speed and asethetic ” super delicious. Serving staff were sweet and friendly and parking was a breeze.”

Innie had the spanish tortilla and a latte. She said “Healthy is good, right? So- no complaints from my body.”

Katie had the beef burgundy pie with beetroot salad and a cocoa energy. She said “I think my tastebuds took a vacay today.”

Mel had the pulled pork grain free pie with roasted pumpkin salad and a cocoa energy drink. She said “Great little paleo option, not a huge amount of atmosphere though. Flavours for me reflected the paleo choices, a bit bland.”

Joe had the beef, bacon and cheese pie and a berry smoothie. He said “In terms of YMCA cafes, I’d imagine this place is pretty up there. Nice find, hidden next to the gym.”

Emilie had the pulled pork grain free pie and a kombucha. She said “I prefer a bit richer flavour …”




Overall experience