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August 2017



Seriously, there hasn’t been a time that this place isn’t packed. This little gem in Parnell boasts some serious insta-game. Everything is big, bold and bright right down to their lattes (try their rosewater earl-gray latte) and eton rifle fresh toast which veritably explodes with meringues, edible flowers and every sugary texture ever invented. For those looking for a savoury beast, their Prawn Benedict with a delectable tom-yum hollandaise and prawn crackers are… just… let’s just say you’ll be ruined forever.

Next time we’re coming back to try their sweets cabinet — yes Valrhona mousse cake with honey comb… and those donuts. We’re looking at you. Both of you. All of you.

Louise had the The Eton Rifle and a Avocado and Cardamom Smoothie. She said “Loved the food – textures, layers, immaculately plated. Smoothie insanely good. Unfortunately let down by the service which was scatty and seemed flippant. Cafe very noisy and so busy that I sat pushed up against another customer (back to back, actual touching!) Despite the environment, we were very taken with the menu options and cabinet enough to agree we will be back again, and soon.”

Innie had the The Eton Rifle and a Matcha Latte. She said “I had to talk like if I was in a bar (talk loud) but maybe next time I will go by myself with music+ear phones then I won’t need to talk to anyone and can enjoy the food with some nice music playing in my ears but great food, both visually and taste-wise.”

Katie had the The Ladyboy: Prawn Benedict with 2 Poached Eggs on Brioche Buns with a Tom Yum Hollandaise and Prawn Crackers and a Earl Grey + Rose Water Latte. She said “You should try the Prawn Benedict. That’s all I’m gonna say.”

Mel had the Buckwheat pancakes and a Tumeric Latte. She said “WOW! What amazing food, presented impeccably and tasted incredible. It was a delight to taste, however what comes with such awesome food is lots of people! The seating was way too crammed and because of the amount of people there was a lot of noise. In saying that, I totally want to go back and try some of the other menu delights.”

Bri had the Beet Street with beetroot cured salmon, beetroot puree, smoked white fish creme fraiche and salmon caviar served on kumara sourdough, as well as a Peanut Butter & Jam Smoothie. She said “Amazing food, with a huge selection of vegetarian options so would definitely go again to try more dishes as they all looked so good. The cafe was really loud, and it was hard to hear each other at the table setup we had.”




Overall experience