Sabrina O’Brien


I am inspired by courageous people, minimalist aesthetics, innovation and interesting colour palettes.

My on-screen husband would be Shia LaBeouf.

My favourite font is Lato.

My favourite food is tacos.

Favourite place to eat is any Mexican restaurant.

Favourite coffee is a Piccolo latte.

My dream holiday is island hopping via cruise ship with my husband.

My dream client is someone with a passion for what they do, and contagious excitement over having an online presence created for them.

I am reading “Ethics in the Real World” by Peter Singer.

The theme song/soundtrack for my life is I tend to have life mottos that change frequently.

I haven’t laughed so hard since today, via my husband’s attempt at puns.

Ten years ago I… was stressing over high school exams.

My dream alternative career is a professional declutterer.

When I retire I will do good and see the world.

The thing I am most proud of is following my dream and making the jump to a career in Web Development.

I am most likely Husky to be in “code land” with my headphones on.


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