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December 2023

Burger Burger


Ponsonby Central is where it’s at – the vibe there is buzzing with energy, making it the perfect place for a good time. Burger Burger, our go-to spot in this lively hub, always hits the spot for us Huskies who can’t wait for our Friday burger fix!

The place oozes reliability and flavour, and the staff always make us feel welcome. Luckily, our last visit was smooth sailing, with no long waits for a table. If you’re craving fried food, don’t hold back! Dive into Burger Burger’s delicious world and forget about diets. When it comes to fried delights, there are no rules—just pure joy in every bite.

Can’t wait for our next Burger Burger adventure!

Total spend – 5 people – $158.61

Louise had the Old Smokey burger with beetroot and shared potato skins, popcorn chicken and kumara chips. She said, “Burger Burger is consistent, well presented and tasty as. Smokey vibes in the burger were lush and the patty cooked to juicy perfection. Lips to your hips but that’s OK occasionally, eh?”

Mel had . She said, “Love this spot, great flavours, you always know what you get will be super yum. Not the place for a healthy lunch, this is the place where you throw out all the rules and just enjoy the fried goodness!”

Sam had the fish tacos and shared potato skins, popcorn chicken and kumara chips. He said, “Burger Burger is well known to be a good spot and the best burgers around, it lived up to this reputation again. Everything was really well cooked and there were lots of sauces to choose from.”

Sarah had the fish burger and shared potato skins, popcorn chicken and kumara chips. She said, “The sides were all absolute winners! Just super yummy. My fish burger was pretty good, maybe a bit over cooked and a little dry, but I would definitely return to BB when I was in the mood for a burger. Good service and vibes in the Ponsonby one too, great outdoor space.” . She said, “.”




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