Jeffrey Tang


I am inspired by people who fight for justice.

My on-screen wife would be Scarlett Johansson.

My favourite font is Arial.

My favourite food is Duck & Venison.

Favourite place to eat is my home with my loved ones.

Favourite coffee is a long black with a pinch of milk.

My dream holiday is watching a real Madrid football game in Madrid.

My dream client is someone who feels comfortable to be themselves around me.

I am reading NZ Herald Online and ESPN soccer news.

The theme song/soundtrack for my life is “Sad but True” by Metallica.

I haven’t laughed so hard since the debate I had with my brother-in-law on who the #1 son-in-law is.

Ten years ago I… got promoted to be a Sales Manager.

My dream alternative career is a Hotel General Manager.

When I retire I will still be playing PlayStation20.

The thing I am most proud of is my kids and my wife.

I am most likely Husky to have played rugby.


Louise Giles

Sabrina O’Brien

Mel Skinner


Janina Kay

Sarah Husband