Husk Rate Card

All values are hourly rates unless otherwise indicated and exclude GST.

Hourly Rates
Graphic/Web Design
Not-for-Profit & Start-Up Rate
Website Development, Coding & Maintenance
Website Content Updates
Management, Consultation, Think-tanking
Illustration, Photography

Initial Briefing Meeting
Progress Meetings  
General Admin

One-Off Charges
Domain Name Registration
Business Catalyst Basics Plan 
Business Catalyst Marketing Plan 
Business Catalyst eCommerce Plan
Business Catalyst Backup Module
Business Catalyst SSL Certificate

$40 p.a.
$24.95 p.m.
$49.95 p.m.
$89.95 p.m.
$10 p.m.
$150 p.a.

We Know You Need It Fast, but How Fast?
I need the first proof....

God Speed - < 8 hours (same day) 
Warp Speed - 24 hours (same time, next day)
Light Speed - 48 hours
Bicycle/Normal Speed - 4 days +

$250 p.h. (min $250 charge)
$200 p.h. (min $200 charge)
$175 p.h. (min $175 charge)
As quoted
Case by Case (as quoted)
Stock Photography

If you have any queries about these changes to our pricelist, please drop us a line. Husk Ltd reserves the right to tweak this price-list from time to time but will always endeavour to provide notice of any updates.

Written by Louise Giles on 01.9.2018