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It has been two years now since all of our lives were uprooted by the pandemic. Looking back, it’s incredible to see how much has changed, and particularly how quickly we had to  roll with the punches from our friend ‘Rona. The Huskies went from working every day in a deeply collaborative studio to working individually at home, and back again… and a few more times to boot. You likely did too!

The shift pushed us to search the digital world for colab tools that could create and foster a team environment despite working from 8 different home studios. It got us on Slack video calls faster than a fast thing. We became ninjas at group messaging and streamlined at virtual file-sharing. When creativity got challenging digitally, we problem solved IRL, finding more excuses to reconnect over coffee in our favourite cafes. 


It turns out that working remotely suits us. And to be frank, the challenging environment of Covid has required some creative problem-solving – not ones to be boxed by traditional ways of working, we fancied rewriting the Rules Of Business in a way that works for the Huskies. So we’re grabbing the opportunity to WFH while it’s looming large and…

Husk will become a
fully remote studio
as at 01 April 22.


Though it won’t feel much different at your end, becoming a virtual studio opens up a stack of ‘remote possibilities’ for us – we can move freely and easily between workspaces and coffee places. We have the ability to work in a distraction-free environment and in places that inspire creativity, managing our own atmosphere for maximum focus and productivity. We can draw from a broader, more diverse talent pool available instead of just what’s in reach of a single ZIP code. We can create a better work-life balance and each find better uses for the chunk of our lives gobbled up by a commute. 

Basically, there’s nothing remotely like it…