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The new year has rolled in and what better way to expand our brains (other than another litre of coffee) than a few seminars on the expansive world of online marketing?

From strategy to practical applications in the digital space, we’re sure one of these will tickle your fancy.

1) The NZ Marketing Summit
21 September
Arguably the largest conference on marketing and communications. Held in Skycity last year, 40 speakers from around the world spoke over 4 themes: digital content, branding, technology and events experience.

2) Fresh Technology Breakfast Series
28 Feb, 30 Mar, 18 May
81% of the New Zealand population are consuming content through mobile devices*, so what does that mean for your business? These 3 breakfast sessions touch on growing your digital brand through customer-centric content.

3) Getting Ranked On Google
30 March
The question every one of our clients asks when setting up a new website, “How will I be found on the internet?” This seminar teaches you on SEO, SEMs, Adwords and how Google does its thing. It’s even got a free 1-hour consultation with the digital strategist.

4) How To Start An Online Business
2 April or 3 September
So you’re looking to sell your pickled tofu to someone other than your supportive great aunt (bless her) – take this course on the basics of e-commerce. Find out how to conduct market research, select awesome domain names and setting up Paypal.

5) Mosh: Social Media Training Sessions
Do images really speak a thousand words? What are cross-channel analytics? Why’s there a 20% text rule for Facebook? Mosh calls themselves New Zealand’s leading social media agency and you can even get them in to present if you like.

On another note, we Huskies were keen to try out this class on How To Make Kombucha,and the techniques to Demystifying Modern Art — just so we can genuinely hum and nod as we walk through art galleries.


Photo credit: deathtothestockphoto.com