Christmas gifts that sleigh clients

Christmas: the Huskies’ annual excuse to get creative with gifts to give our clients. There seems to be a chronic habit of leaving things till late (read: procrastination) and then going super-ninja-speed to get them done on time. Luckily the feedback has been more than heart-warming.

Here’s a quick recap on the past 4 years’ Christmasses:

2015: back by popular-demand, we created gift tags with a snazzy white and gold print (our favourite one was the "This is not a regift" tag). Our extra spesh gifts included a leather wrist strap from The Loyal Workshop, an ethical leather company providing alternate employment to fight human trafficking and for others, vouchers for lunch from one of our fave eateries, Miss Clawdy.

  2014: we needed an extension of our rebrand following the unveiling of our shiny new logo in November, and what better to share that love with a series of gift-tags? Use along with hipster brown paper and twine for maximum effect.

  2013: the theme was ‘sweet & delish’ — teaming Little & Friday donuts, spot overgloss and a bit o’ fun with our food got us Gold in the 2014 Pride in Print Awards! Thanks Fuzed print.

  2012: posted on the 12th of the 12th of the 12th, we created a 12-day advent calendar featuring retro lolly bags, teabags, teabag puns (‘teas the reason to be jolly’ and ‘wassup brew'?) and a lot of cutting, gluing and folding! Such ambition may never happen again as we took over 35 hours to pull it together (!)

…we really don’t mean to brag, but how can you NOT want to be our client after this? ;)

Written by Katie Che on 17.12.2015