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Our friends Goff and Sarah run the nationwide school-based sing-a-thon ‘Everything is Ka Pai’ featuring Jackie Clarke and Nathan King, and raising funds for World Vision. It’s way cool.

Kids in schools all over NZ raise money for kids in developing countries by learning kiwi-loved songs and performing them to their friends and families at a great big show.

Husk are proud to have coordinated all things design, web and print for Kids for Kids, including the ‘Everything is Ka Pai’ CD (distributed by Dave, the legend at Pure Entertainment) which immediately notched in at No.7 on the NZ Top 40 compilation chart. Boom.

Also, via the light and easy website CMS, the on-the-road tech team are able to upload live song recordings to the Kids for Kids website every night – stoked with that.

All in all, we are fans of Kids for Kids and you should be too.