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When you think of a rebrand, what comes to mind?

Often when people come to us for rebranding, they’re wanting their logo to simply be redesigned. And while a logo is a key mark of recognition, it’s only part of the picture – in fact, we’re often heard saying logo design is the last 10% of branding.

Branding is a ‘landscape of communication’ and includes everything from uniqueness to promises to customer experience right through to language, tone, colour, imagery and more. Every aspect of your communications – design, print, social and web – says something about you as a business and either engages or disengages potential customers.

If you want to been seen a customer-oriented team that delivers, then a customer’s entire experience of your brand should reflect that. If your collateral is a bit of a dogs breakfast and your brand landscape feels like an overgrown jungle, maybe check out this post on think-tanks.